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Mapping the Invisible, Empowering Insights, and Uncovering the Unknown with Geospatial Intelligence


About Geogentia

Geography is more than just a static map; it's a living, breathing narrative. It not only presents a location but also unfolds a tale about that place, its present conditions, and its potential future. However, the challenge lies in effectively harnessing this immense reservoir of data and intelligence.

Enter Geogentia.



Our mission at Geogentia is to democratize access to geospatial intelligence. We leverage the power of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to transform raw, geographical data into actionable insights, enabling organizations around the globe to make informed and strategic decisions. We are committed to unearthing the stories behind the coordinates, illuminating the unknown, and helping our users navigate their world with confidence and foresight.


Our vision at Geogentia is to lead the integration of geospatial intelligence, Big Data, and AI in solving complex challenges and conducting thorough investigations. We aim to forge a future where these technologies intersect seamlessly, enabling every organization to better understand their world, anticipate trends, and devise robust solutions to complex problems.

Products And Services

Geogentia Lens is a revolutionary geospatial intelligence tool that effortlessly transforms vast, complex data into clear, actionable insights, aiding in decision-making for a safer and more secure world.

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Uncover Patterns Any Where in the World

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Visualize Trillions of Data Points

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Largest Geospatial Database in the World


Benefits of Lens


Industry-Leading Data

Championing Geospatial Intelligence with the Industry's Richest Data Repository.


Global Reach

Unraveling Global Insights with Over 3 Years of Comprehensive Geospatial Data.


Instant Results

Harnessing over 22 Trillon Data Points for Instant, Actionable Insights. 

Sign Up For A Demo

Dive into the world of Geogentia: Uncover the unseen, analyze the complex, and empower your decisions. Harness the strength of over 22 trillion global data points and see how we transform raw data into actionable insights. Sign up today for a free demo and trial and start your journey towards unparalleled geospatial intelligence!


We've integrated Geogentia Lens into every aspect of our cyber investigations. Its capabilities to swiftly bridge the gap between cybercrime and the physical world are unparalleled, whether dealing with online death threats, hacking, or even counterfeit investigations.


-High Tech Corporate Security Team

Case Studies

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